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Weekly food delivery

We Provide Healthy, Nutritious Food to Families from Washington state to New Mexico, through refrigerated courier service.

We also have specialty foods such as Diabetic Friendly and Special Nutritional Needs as Options.

How it works
Step 1:  Order our Weekly Meal Service to your home. We Serve California and the 6 neighboring states (Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and New Mexico) Some choices are available from the dishes. 
Step 2:  Meals arrive by mail in ice pack-Weekly; Remove outer packing and Refrigerate the food containers till ready to serve.
Step 3:  Open Reheat and enjoy your meals.

We publish the details of the dishes on Facebook. Please check out Facebook page:

This is a subscription-based weekly delivery. Subscription must be valid at least for 3 months with a minimum of 8 deliveries commitment.  We deliver food in 16 Oz containers and a pack of rotis . You can choose 8 containers from the following (maximum of 2 of the same dishes for a week):

  • Choice of Sambar / Rasam / Spicy Vethal Kuzhambu / Dal / Mor Kuzhambu (South Indian Kadi)

  • Choice of Veg Poriyal (Dry) / Kootu (Gravy) / Potato Fry

  • Choice of two Paneer Dishes (Paneer with Gravy / Dry Paneer) OR Channa Masala

  • Mixed Rice of the week

  • Rotis / Dahi

Prepare steamed rice yourself at home and enjoy hot home-cooked meals right at home!

The CUTOFF Time is Friday 11 am for delivery to reach you Tuesdays (within the Bay Area; Wednesdays for the rest of the locations).

Dishes List would be  Visible when ready to be ordered


Choose “8 to 12 items” from the dishes-list

dish you need to choose (upto to 2 in each dish)



1. Can we place order only for selective items?
Please choose the dishes from ‘Dishes List’ page. All dishes available for the week is published here weekly to choose from.

2. What should be the total cost of a package to order?
Minimum of 8 containers to be chosen to enable us to ship the iced box to you. The total cost of the food (without including the tax and shipping) must come to a minimum of $60.

3. How many days the food delivered would last for a family?
This depends on how many members in the family and how fast the consumption is. As long as you put all the containers in the fridge upon receiving, the food should last for a week without any issues.

4.Do you permit tasting the food?
We have a restaurant in San Carlos – Kamakshi’s Kitchen Restaurant – where we prepare the food for delivery. You are most welcome to try out our food here by purchasing any item in the menu, or buffet. 

5. Do you have Non-Vegetarian/meat options in your choice?
We are working on introducing Non-Vegetarian / Meat / Non-Indian dishes also in the choices. We will publish them once we are ready.

6. Do you supply to All of SFO Bay Area?
We deliver all over California as well as the 6 neighboring states – OR, WA, ID, NV AZ and NM, in an Iced box and shipped through ground Courier service. Please remove the outer package and store the plastic containers from the box in the fridge until they are ready to be consumed. 



Tasting menu

sample the global cuisine


Events and Occassions

We create pop-up events at our commercial kitchen with pre-fixed menu. Please subscribe to our Newsletter or following us at Facebook for periodic updates



  • Themed menu
  • Ethnic Specialties
  • Small Group of up to 20; Pre-paid / Reserved Events.
  • Weekend Specialties at our partners locations
  • Learning Experience  

5 Days 4 Nights

Foodie's paradise


foodie's paradise

Come along with your group and carve our a day in your busy life to have a memorable experience :

  • Team Building Exercise
  • Ethnic Food Adventure
  • Surprise Food Event with Wine Pairing
  • Singles / date night as a group


  • Pre-defined Food OR choice of the Chef
  • Meals paired with Wine
  • Dance and party 
  • Cooking lessons and goody bag of spices